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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Well ladies, now that May is underway, it means that it’s time to start thinking about the most important women in our lives - our mothers!  And while the only thing our mothers want is to spend time with us, sometimes a little gift can really go a long way.  Whether your mom’s a fashionista or a woman who loves to relax, I've got a gift idea that’s perfect for her.  What’s even better is that each item is designed by a Canadian. Now, what mom wouldn’t love that!

For The Coffee Drinker
What’s sweeter than enjoying your favourite warm beverage from a millennial pink Mama bear mug? Nothing, absolutely nothing! For the coffee drinking’ moms out there, this gift idea is a no-brainer.

For The Tech-Savvy Mom
Designed by Toronto-based lifestyle blogger Stephanie Sterjovski in partnership with FACE by Phantom Glass, this adorable Bonjour phone case is perfect for the tech-savvy moms out there!

For The Stylish Mom
If your mother is known for her chic and timeless style, we recommend surprising her with a pair of these beautiful aquamarine gemstone earrings from Vancouver-based jewelry designer Leah Alexandra. They’re perfect mix of chic and elegant.

For The Mom Who Loves To Relax
Help your mom unwind by surprising her with an aromatic candle that’s inspired by her favourite city.  Vancouver Candle Co. has designed to series of handmade candles that are inspired by sights and smells of Canada’s most vibrant neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto.

For The Mom On The Go
Designed by Toronto-based handbag designer Amy Malcolm, this stunning blue purse is an absolute vision and the perfect gift for mom. If the colour of this bag wasn’t amazing enough, the bag also features a roomy interior and comes equipped with a detachable cross body strap that allows the bag to worn as a messenger or as a shoulder bag.

For The Fashion-Forward Mom
Canadian designer Aurora James launched her footwear brand, Brother Vellies in 2013 and is committed to sustainably producing all her footwear. This year, surprise your mom with a pair of chic slides, and if you’re lucky, she might just let you borrow them!


For The Mom Who Loves Her Beauty Sleep
What mom doesn’t enjoy getting her beauty sleep? My guess is none! Treat your mom to these elegant sleep masks and they will have your mom drifting off to dream land instantly. These stunning sleep masks were handmade by Etsy owner ohhh lulu and will defintly make a lovely Mother's Day gift.


For The Mom Who’s Never Late
A stunning rose gold timepiece is always a good idea in our books. This season we can’t get enough of this Piperwest number. It’s delicate and dainty, while still making a statement.

For The Mom Who Enjoys Fresh Blooms
There’s no better way to bring a smile to your mother’s face than to surprise her with fresh flowers, especially if they’re from Vancouver’s very own Landeau. These gorgeous bouquets will be delivered directly to your doorstep in Parisian-inspired boxes that double as a vase.

For The Mother Who Isn't Afraid Of Colour
My favourite way to add some life to an outfit is by rocking a pair of statement earrings. These stunning cascading baubles are the perfect addition to your mom's jewellery collection. Designed by Vancouver-based company Olive + Piper, these beauties definitely need to be at the top of your shopping list this season. 

This post was originally published on Style Nine to Five. You can find the original article here

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