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My Latest Obsession: theSkimm

My Latest Obsession: theSkimm

When it comes to reading the news, millennials want information that they can read quickly while still retaining information. 

Unfortunately, many major news outlets still don't understand this concept and their content is either going unread by younger generations or completely ignored. There are, of course, many news sites targeted towards younger generations that provide millennials with articles that can be read quickly, but for me personally, I never felt like I was retaining everything.

Which is why I was thrilled when I learned about theSkimm which is a daily email newsletter aimed at millennial women that summarizes the key points of the day's news - straight to your inbox before 6 am. It's run by two young women from the US who met in Europe during an exchange program for school and later met again during their careers in broadcasting. 

All of the content presented in the email is summarized in such an appealing way that you can literally skim through it in a matter of minutes during your commute to work. Another great feature is that they have an assortment of guides on their website on topical subjects like equal pay, Brexit, and even March Madness. There's always so much going on in the world and the guides really come in handy as they break down many current events.

Considering that the first thing many of us do in the morning is roll over, look at our phones and check for emails and texts, launching theSkimm as an email newsletter was pure brilliance. 

What started from a makeshift living room office has evolved into a millennial news empire that has well over 3.5 million subscribers and counting. To really seal the deal, Oprah even gave theSkimm her stamp of approval.

If you haven't signed up for theSkimms daily newsletter yet, I highly recommend that you do. As the company's motto goes, "theSkimm makes it easier to be smarter," and first thing in the morning, we could all take advantage of that.