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How I Unplug On Vacation

How I Unplug On Vacation


Do you ever notice that when you go away on holidays, you can never fully disconnect from the outside world?

I always find that regardless of where I’m traveling, I always bring my laptop and I’ll always find myself scrolling through Twitter and Instagram frequently throughout the day just by habit.  I don’t know about you, but to me, this totally goes against what taking a vacation is intended for: taking a break from your hectic life and relaxing so you can feel recharged when you return home.

It’s almost as if when you’re on vacation, you feel more inclined to post on Instagram or scroll through your inbox ensuring you don’t miss any important emails. On my most recent trip, which was spent at a beautiful cottage in British Columbia, I challenged myself to put my phone and laptop away, which was a bit of a challenge since I had some work I needed to get done while I was away.

But by the end of the week away, disconnecting had made such a difference and I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated, even by the time I returned home. So, if you're planning a vacation, I highly recommend disconnecting for a few days and making the most of your trip. Read on to learn what I did to unplug on my trip away!

Refrain From Checking Emails

If you're able to truly disconnect from work, the best way to start is by removing your work emails from your phone. Seriously, it might sound like an insane thought, but it will truly make the difference. If you're seriously up for the challenge, you can try deleting your work email completely from your phone while you're away this way you won't even be tempted to check.

But It's understandable if your jobs a bit more demanding and requires you to stay on top of things. If this sounds like you, then just keep your phone on airplane mode for periods of the day, this way you won't feel the need to get online and respond.

Remember, you're on holidays! Your work will understand and your emails will still be there when you get home.  

Put Your Laptop Away

Okay, this one can be a bit tough, especially if you freelance like me, but not having your laptop with you will literally make it impossible for you to do work. I need to get work done while I was away (total bummer), but rather than completely not using it, I set up a strict one-hour window first thing in the morning where I would tackle my work priorities and then I would put my laptop away for the rest of the day.  Once my laptop was away, I felt less tempted to browse online and go through emails, and I was able to hang out by the beach guilt-free. 

Escape With A Good Read

Finally, there's no better to disconnect while you're on vacay than with a good book. And no, I don't mean on your iPad or Kindle. Whether you're at the beach, poolside or just relaxing inside, allow yourself to get lost in a good old paperback. You’ll find your less likely to check your social media or email if you've fully immersed yourself in a good book. 

What tips do you have for unplugging on vacay? Let me know in the comments below!

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